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Metal Folding Tool & Metal Bending Machines | MetalForming, LLC. 

MetalForming works closely with premium vendors to bring you the most innovative equipment in the industry. MetalForming has 25 years of expertise in the industry and is North America's exclusive distributor of Schechtl, Schroeder, and Jorns brand folders. This includes North America's most popular folder, Schechtl MAX, and the longest folder Jorns Double Bender at 40 feet.

What is a sheet metal folding/bending machine?

A sheet metal folding/bending machine has a folding beam that bends the metal instead of breaking the metal. This decreases surface markings so finished pieces are cleaner looking and painted parts aren’t damaged. Folding/bending machines are more accurate than brakes, which decreases metal waste and time delays in manufacturing and allow for a quicker and easier welding process. A folder has a beam that folds the metal by rotating around the lower beam. Some folders can fold up and down decreasing time and labor by not needing to flip the part over.


Short folders generally are 10 or 13 feet long and are used in many industries. A piece of sheet metal is placed in from the front or back of the machine to be bent. Short folders have tooling systems that can be added on for box and pan parts.

A long folder can be many different lengths depending on the specific needs. The longer length of long folders makes them great for the architecture industry. The long folder is popular for its quicker installation with less overlapping. When doing shorter-length parts, you can place multiple of the same parts on the Jorns at once. This saves bending time and optimizes the long folders' capabilities. Many job shops that have a long folder will also still have a short folder to be used for shorter or one-off pieces.

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MetalForming, LLC., headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, and privately held, is the largest distributor of sheet metal folding machines in the world and the largest supplier of high-end architectural sheet metal machines in North America. We are also a world leader in providing software, communications, training and consulting services. We help our customers optimize both job site and factory operations in ways that reduce waste, increase revenue and efficiently position them to meet the “just-in-time” needs of today’s metal fabricating businesses.

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