123D Optimize

Does your best operator have to manually calculate or design a spreadsheet to figure out the best way to cut or slit up your metal? Are there a lot of remnants on the shelf and is your scrap bin always filling up too fast? We have a solution, it’s called 123D Optimize.

123D Optimize takes all your orders for a day and creates the cut list needed to support your trim operation. These optimizers take your orders, coil material, and machine constraints and layout the best pattern needed to support cut-to-length, slit-to-width, blanking and shearing, all automatically in seconds. It provides blank widths and lengths that are overlaid on your coil size. It shows remnants, scrap pieces and total sheets used including your overall optimization rate. It also turns these patterns into slit jobs for manual entry into your machine or for download directly to the Legionnaire, Centurio or metal slitters. This application uses specifically designed algorithms that are easy to use and will serve you to get the best solution each time.

Which Process is Right For You 1D, 2D, or 3D?

1D– This process uses flat sheets and a Shear.  Many orders are fed into the 1D Optimizer, 1D determines the best patterns & shear jobs tto minimize scrap.
2D– This can be in either Configuration One or Two. Configuration One is a slit-to-width and cut-to-length 2D process combined into one. This process is fed directly from coil. Configuration Two splits the slitting and cutting process into two separate machines. The 2D Optimizer uses the constraints of the slitting machine and the orders presented to create an optimal cut list to minimize scrap generation.
3D– Is similar to 2D with a Downstream Handshear station added. 3D provides the best optimization, this 3D process creates an optimized cut list of cut jobs, slit jobs and shear jobs for use by the machine or Operator to determine how to create the part blanks.

123D Optimize Provides a Wealth of Customized Reports:

The Cut List Report – Provides a visual representation on how to cut up each blank based on the way the Optimizer laid out the patterns for the orders you presented it.

Summary Page Report – Provides a report with your recent optimization, that lays out the number of sheets used, part area used, remnants remaining, scrap remaining, weight (lbs.), scrap(%) and cost($).

Production Reports for your Slitter – When you are ready to produce parts, the software converts the cut list into slit jobs which are grouped by similar patterns to minimize the time you have to change knives. This information is then manually input to non-automated machines and can be directly put into machines like Krasser Legionnaire or Centurio. These reports are also grouped by color and provide a CODE39 barcode if you want to tag each blank. These reports are perfect for use in knife/material setup for any manual slitting machine you may own.