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Schroeder Powerbend Industrial

The robust design of the PowerBend Industrial folds ¼” mild steel at 10’ lengths, and 0.196” mild steel at 13-1/2’ lengths. The standard 650 mm (25.6”) of stroke and open supports a maximum tool height of 300 mm (11.8”) creating a huge part envelope. Vacuum grip and feed gauging systems, CNC crowning, dual monitors, and tool positioning lights are just a few of the standard features on this revolutionary advancement in machine design. Bigger, stronger, and more capable in every way but still a perfect blend of performance and price point.

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The PowerBend Industrial is a professional solution for reliable and efficient operation in heavy production industrial shops. The powerful, motorized folding machine expands the portfolio of the PowerBend-series. The folding machine was engineered using finite element analysis as well as latest computer simulations. Schroeder’s decades of experience results in a rigid frame that provides a base to achieve unmatched precision and operational efficiency.


  • Unique robustness, reliability and repeat accuracy
  • Production of single pieces and prototypes
  • Patented, hydraulic Up-and-Down system
  • Clamping beam stroke of 650 mm
  • Tool positioning display alongside the clamping beam
  • Bilateral drives on the clamping-and the folding beam achieve extremely fast clamping and folding speeds
  • Two touch-panels for easy operation from the front and the rear side of the machine


MODEL 3200X6.0 4000X5.0
Working Length 3,240/127.5 4,040/159
Sheet Thickness 6.0/.236 5.0/.196
400N/mm2 5,078/199.9 5,878/231.42
Machine Length 2,064/81.26 2,064/81.26
Machine Height mm/inch mm/inch
Width with Backgauge 2,953/116.26 2,953/116.26
U or U-1600 4,685/184.44 4,685/218.6
U or J-3200 5,553/218.6 5,553/218.6
U or J-4000 kg/lbs kg/lbs
Weight 16,600/27,998 15,200/33,510
GEOMETRY 180° 180°
Stroke 650mm/2.56in 650mm/2.56in
Drive power 2 x 3.0 kW 2 x 3.0 kW
Speed 65mm/sec 65mm/sec
2.56in/sec 2.56in/sec 5mm/sec
2.56in/sec 2.56in/sec 2.56in/sec
Adjustment, motorized 160mm/6.30in 160mm/6.30in
Drive power 2 x 9.4 kW 2 x 9.4 kW
Speed 90°/sec 90°/sec
Folding Center Adjustment + 80/ - 15 in + 80/ - 15 in
+3.15/ - .59 in +3.15/ - .59 in +80/-15mm
+3.15/-.59in +3.15/-.59in +3.15/-.59in

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