Quadro FLX

Quadro FLX is a machine that duplicates the smooth finish of much larger machines. It has 14 roll stations which allow customers to manufacture parts on site that are equal in quality to parts produced in the plant. If you’ve got a panel that you’d like to make because of testing and sales needs, the Quadro FLX can be customized to make most panels. Options include ribbing, striation and generators.

The Quadro has more UL testing than any portable standing machine in the industry. UL requires that each individual rollformer sign up with UL for an ongoing inspection and certification program for each machine. This easy and inexpensive program helps you compete with confidence.

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Quadro FLX Machine Specifications
Capacity Steel 22 ga CRS, 58,000 PSI
Capacity Aluminum .032"
Capacity Copper 20 oz
Minimum Capacity 26 ga CRS, 58,000 PSI
Line Speed 85 ft per minute
Electrical Requirements 230 v, 1 phase, 60 hertz
Length with Decoiler 200"
Height 50"
Width 60"
Weight w/out cassettes 10,120lbs
Weight soffit cassettes (pair) 3,750 lbs
Weight flat wall panel cassettes (pair) 2,550 lbs
Minimum Panel Width 10"
Maximum Panel Width 28"
Quadro FLX Technical Specifications
Operating Speed65.6 ft/min
Shortest Panel Length19.7 inches
Infeed Width11.8 - 31.5 inches
Processable Materials (Profile Dependent)Non-ferrous metals: Either .024 - .032 inch OR .032 - .039 inch (has to be set before ordering)
Steel (320N/mm²): 26ga - 24ga
Stainless Steel: Max 26ga
Dimensions (L x W x H)166.9 in x 70.8 in x 43.3 in
WeightApprox. 3968 lbs. (without exchangeable cassettes)