NEW Schroeder EVO Heavy Duty

The NEW EVO Heavy Duty from Schroeder is the only folder of its kind. The newest addition to Schroeder’s wide range of industrial folders can fold up to 5/8″ mild steel and 1/2″ stainless to a 10′ bending length. Able to form any thickness of material from max capacity down to shim stock, the versatility of this model is unmatched. Available with a variety of different gauging systems ranging from standard gauging rails to a gripping gauge system that grips and automatically feeds the part through the bending process. Standard features include quick release hydraulic upper beam tool clamping, CNC crowning, automatic material adjustment and radius control, 19.68″ of clamping beam stroke, and an impressive 240 tons of clamping pressure. The POS2000 Sheet Metal Designer control system sets new standards for industrial folding machines. This proven control makes programing a folding machine fast and convenient. The 2D graphics display exactly what the machine and part are doing, stepping the operator through the entire bending process. The folding machine, work piece, and tools automatically sequence through the bending process as the machine folds the part.

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