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Jorns Double Bender

The all-new Jorns Double Bender (JDB) is the next generation in fully automated long folding. The automated up-down bender allows you to create many profiles without manual rotation or flipping. Your production will be faster, more efficient, safer, and cost-effective. Infeed tables and automated blank infeed provides semi-automated production. Fully automated solutions include the Jorns Handling System (JHS), or robotic handling systems.

Parallel or tapered bends, even overlapping profiles are easily formed with the individually driven gauge fingers. Over grippers, vacuum grippers, and small parts clamps provide unmatched flexibility in the part profiles that can be folded. Dynamic Positioning, Automatic Radius Control, and Double Servo Pumps round out the features making the JDB the most advanced and productive long folder available today.

Schechtl MAX

The Schechtl MAX is the single most popular selling folder in North America. But that was not good enough for the engineers at Schechtl. Introducing the MAX-F and MAX-I. Everything you have always loved about the MAX; reengineered to bend faster, hem better, and increase flexibility. The legendary strength of the MAX has been improved with a redesigned clamping, bottom, and folding beam. The clamping and bottom beam is stiffer for superior hemming, and more clearance between the gauge table and the clamping beam. The folding beam, driven by the new electric direct-drive system is more efficient, with faster bending speeds, and better bending consistency. Couple this with the newly designed dual servo-drive gauge system for lightning fast gauging, and you have a machine unrivaled by anything in the industry.

The MAX comes in two configurations. The MAX-I comes with standard folding blade tooling. Several different blade thicknesses are available, with 3/8” being the industry standard.

The MAX-F series has Schechtl’s new ‘F’ shaped folding blade geometry. This additional clearance provides a huge amount of free space to accept the part during the forming sequence. Eliminates operators need to deflect the part for the next fold. Less labor, greater flexibility, safer, and more productive. Hat channels, corrugations, drip edge for sloped roofs, the applications are endless.

Schechtl SMT

Today, there are three series of Schechtl Shears available, for light, medium and heavier gauge cutting. Model SMT3100 is a motor driven plate shear designed for 16 ga., MSB for 14 ga. and MSC for 11 ga. Choose from 13 models, with cutting lengths of 40”, 60”, 80”, 122”, 159” and 174”. Schechtl shears feature a deeper backgauge of 30″ (instead of 24″), a rollout wagon (so you don’t have to unload the machine from your knees) and telescoping front support arms. The telescoping front sheet support makes it a breeze for one operator to handle even 5’ by 10’ metal sheets. This clever system moves in with the sheet as it is cut. Handling is simple: Put the metal sheet onto the table, push it between the cutting bars and start the process with the foot switch – that’s all. The machine frame is a sturdy welded steel design. The cutting bar is driven by a noiseless gear motor. All bearings and guideways are maintenance-free. On each side of the cutting table there are rectangular gauges with a scale of 400 mm (stainless steel). During the cut, a mechanical hold-down bar with non-skid ebonite lining holds the part. The support bar in front of the machine enlarges the area of support to 920 mm (36”).

Schechtl UKV

The Schechtl UKV is the most versatile handbrake in the world. It’s a specialist for closed special forms and is ideal for single-piece production and small series as well as prototype construction. This machine comes standard with segmented upper, lower and folding beam tooling allowing the operator to make almost any shape imaginable.

Krasser Optima

With the OPTIMA automated slit to width and cut to length system, your cutting requirements are completed in record time. Constructed to be reliable, efficient and robust for continuous operation. The OPTIMA is the most cost-effective automated sheet metal cutting machine on the market, yet still offers numerous features that cover a wide range of applications. Part labeling, small coil processing, recoiling, film application, and straightening are just a few. Its intuitive and user-friendly control has onboard optimization and order management available, or can be driven directly by Bendex through its native interface. The fully automatic knife adjustment can positioning up to 8 pairs of knives, set their gap and plunge. Best cut quality and part accuracy is easily achieved and maintained. Increase your output, reduce you scrap and labor, all with a system optimized to suit your needs.

Schlebach Quadro

The Quadro profiling machine is a versatile and multi-functional system. It produces high quality sheet metal profiles for many different applications in user-friendly operating cycles with very short retooling times. The Quadro has exchangeable cassettes with 12 stations that are equipped with profiling rollers on both sides. This swiveling system of exchangeable cassettes provides very short retooling times when it’s necessary to change profiles. The clever design lets you add additional cassettes or accessories at any time.

Spider Seamer
Schlebach Spider Seamer

This new generation seaming machine has a compact and light design for manufacturing angled and double standing seams in a single operation. The machine can be used for straight as well as for arched profiled shapes form a radius of 600 mm. On condition that the pre-profiled shapes are produced on a Schlebach profiling machine. It can be used for seam profile heights of 25, 32, and 38 mm, other heights by request.

Schlebach RBM 25.38

Take architectural sheet metal to new levels with the RBM panel curving machine offering special proficiencies in curving standing seam. This is the only reliable, repeatable, affordable panel curving system in the world. The easy-to-use RBM 25.38 produces convex curved panels to your unique specifications.

Schlebach RBM 50

The Schlebach RBM 50 is a 2″ structural standing seam panel curver that allows users to curve structural steel to meet the toughest wind-safety standards. The Schlebach RBM is one of the simplest curving solutions available today — use it for arch bending (convex) of metal shapes for roofing dormers and arched or vaulted roofs. It also curves tapered panels and curves panels into an elliptical shape.


Bendex is an integrated e-business solution for individual bent parts. The software supports your process from sales to production. You can create any part in a few clicks or import in from CAD, also adjust saved parts quickly. Bendex automatically creates the necessary manufacturing documents and machine data. Your customers or sales partners can use to order bent parts or use internally to capture part designs, produce cost estimates, and for process planning and production. When designing a part Bendex guides the user through the process and always highlights collisions, material availability, on the fly geometry checks and also provides parametric parts for special applications. Bendex is available in a range of product and license versions to suit companies of any size and any application for a scalable solution.

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