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Boeckelt Exchange Tower

Bockelt Tower offers a flexible storage and logistics system so you can increase productivity. From planning to production and on through installation, including stock management system, Boeckelt offers holistic storage and logistic systems tailored to your requirements.

The Exchange Tower is a modular storage system based on a drawer rack with a cassette rack fitted as an option and additional slewing crane with chain hoist and vacuum lifting device. It is used for efficient stocking and provision of metal sheets, metal plates, entire metal sheet packages, as well as pipes, pallets, profiles, and other material in the vicinity of the machine. Without needing a forklift, the Exchange Tower offers the ability of quick and easy material swap to increase productivity.


  • Customizable for your needs
  • Sturdy construction
  • Increased productivity
  • Optional mounted cassette rack for increased storage capacity
  • Optional crane attachment for vacuum lifting
  • Storage management software with material overview
  • Fast material swap
  • Decrease material damage



With a custom-equipped drawer storage system as the basis, fast access is achieved at a consistent high level of operational safety and reliability. The racks system’s ease of movement and ability to combine different drawers ensure maximum efficiency and boost productivity. Utilize room height by adding on a cassette system on tower for additional storage. The Exchange Tower can be operated from the front or rear. Likewise, re-storage of produced pats into the Exchange Tower is possible, which considerably offloads space demands on surfaces around machines. The rack system is highly flexible and adapts to spatial conditions.

The Boeckelt Tower Exchange Tower is built with such stability that and easy-rolling crane with vacuum lifting device can optionally be installed on all four corners. Thus, removal of individual sheet metal plates or other materials is fast and ease.

The flexible drawer system offers interchangeable frames, universal frames, and compact frames. Interchangeable frames are for direct mounting of system cassettes. They offer three tons of load-bearing capacity and can be inserted in the Boeckelt Tower on both sides. With the universal frame, it is possible to use various sizes of system cassettes. The self-supporting construction enables provision of material, such as metal sheets, on wooden pallets. The compact frames enable direct accommodation of sheet metal plates, metal sheet packages of other material.

LEDs in the Rack Aids Forklift Operators

The transponder system is installed in the Boeckelt Tower outside of the work area where it is protected. You can network any number of storage systems, even if they are physically separated from each other. If used in conjunction with the software, the transponder system will not only cause the rack software to indicate the position of the cassette containing the requested material, it will also highlight the position in the rack via LED, which enables the forklift operator to easily find it – pick-to-light principle. 

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